Have A Page That’s Stuck On Page Two?

When a big money page is stuck, usually it’s not because it’s missing optimizations or that it doesn’t have enough links. You’re a smart SEO, you’ve already done the basics such as on-page optimizations and link building.

When a page is saturated with external links, it’s not adding an extra link that’s going to make the difference.

Similarly, when a page is already well optimized, it’s not changing a few words on the page that’s going to make a difference.

Instead (and this is what I do when pages are stuck), it’s adding supporting content with internal links pointing back to the page that is going to help. Importantly, you also want the supporting content to be receiving external links.

For example:

You have a page on “Dog Training” that’s stuck on page 2.

stuck on page 2 cover

Step 1 – Create Support Pages

Create 5 pages that are related (but not overlapping, as to avoid keyword cannibalization).

Pages such as “Teach your dog to sit”, “dog breeds”, “dog food”, “how to adopt a puppy”, “potty training a dog”

stuck on page 2 step 1

Step 2 – Link Pages Internally

Publish the pages and then include an internal link on all 5 supporting pages with a link back to your main money page. For each internal link, I try to vary the anchor text while staying very close to my target keyword.

Internal links such as “dog training”, “dog training tips”, “train your dog”, “training a puppy”, “guide to dog training”

stuck on page 2 step 2

Step 3 – Complement With External Links

Build 1-2 external links to each supporting page. You can use guest posts, sister sites, sites you acquired at auction, outreach, etc. Whatever your favorite link building method is, you want to make sure each supporting page has a handful of links.

stuck on page 2 step 3

The end result is that the power is funnelled through the internal links and these relevant internal links make all the difference. It usually takes 4-5 weeks for things to kick in (people don’t like to hear this but it’s the truth).

This works especially well when your target page is already saturated with external links and it refuses to budge. This method has been working for me even for ultra competitive keywords.