Surfer SEO vs HumanWriter: Which is the Best SEO Tool?

Surfer SEO vs HumanWriter: Which is the Best SEO Tool?

Surfer SEO vs HumanWriter

Picture this: a surfer elegantly riding the waves of the internet, and a skilled writer effortlessly crafting compelling content. When it comes to choosing between Surfer SEO and HumanWriter, which SEO tool can truly dominate the battlefield for search engine supremacy? Dive in as we pit these two heavyweights against one another to decide who takes home the crown of Best SEO Optimization Tool!

Both Surfer SEO and HumanWriter offer unique features that can be beneficial for improving your website’s search engine optimization. However, the best tool largely depends on your specific needs and goals. We recommend researching each tool thoroughly and analyzing its features, pricing, and reviews to determine which one would be the best fit for your website’s needs.

Surfer SEO: An Overview

Surfer SEO is an SEO tool that has become increasingly popular among digital marketers. It provides various features such as a SERP analyzer, content editor, keyword research, and more. With Surfer SEO, you can optimize your content for search engines by analyzing the top-ranking pages and providing valuable insights into how to improve your content.

One of the reasons why Surfer SEO has gained so much traction in the industry is that it offers an all-in-one solution for keyword research and content optimization. With its SERP analyzer, users can analyze various data points such as word count, backlinks, and domain authority to gain a better understanding of what ranks on Google. Additionally, Surfer SEO’s content editor enables writers to optimize their content by providing recommendations based on the top-ranking pages.

For example, let’s say you are writing an article about “best SEO tools.” After using Surfer SEO’s keyword research feature, you realize that “SEO tools” is too generic of a term to target. The tool suggests that you should target “best SEO tools for small businesses” instead based on high traffic potential and lower keyword difficulty scores.

Moreover, Surfer SEO offers a user-friendly interface designed with beginners in mind. Navigation through the various features of the tool is intuitive and straightforward, perfect for anyone starting with optimizing their website for search engines.

Key Features and Benefits

Surfer SEO offers several features and benefits to make optimizing your website an easier task. These include:

1. Comprehensive SERP analysis: With Surfer’s SERP analyzer feature, you can examine keyword difficulty scores along with domain authority, page backlinks, social signals like shares, and more, allowing you to gain detailed insights into how top-ranking pages have optimized their content.

2. Content Editor: Surfer’s Content Editor provides its users a real-time, data-driven recommendation service for optimizing their content. It analyzes the top-ranking pages to display valuable details like word count, keyword placement, internal and external linking patterns, density, and even subtopics to include or exclude.

To prove that the content editor feature is useful, let’s take an example. Imagine that you are running a business selling organic coffee beans. Before you started using Surfer SEO’s content editor feature while writing about the benefits of organic coffee beans, your articles would have been too generic and not comprehensive. After using it though, you observe that the tool suggests adding important subtopics like the health benefits of coffee and the social impact of supporting small farmers – resulting in a much more informative article overall.

3. Keyword Research: This feature enables users to find the best keywords to optimize their pages for search engines based on keyword CPC data, and volume analysis data from Google Keyword Planner.

4. Integrations: Surfer SEO can integrate with different tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush for advanced backlink analysis to provide even more insights to users.

That being said, one potential drawback of Surfer SEO is its price point compared to competitors in the marketplace. While the lowest plan starts at $29/month for 3 Content Editor credits per month with limited features available or a maximum of 10 keyword research jobs per month along with basic competitor analysis – some digital marketers might not feel comfortable paying this much money for a tool they could otherwise use manually without making algorithmic decisions.

In the next section, we will explore pricing and plans for this tool.

Pricing and Plans

Surfer SEO offers four types of plans: Lite, Essential, Advanced, and Max. The Lite plan costs $29/month but only offers limited functionality like basic competitor research. The Essential plan costs $89/month and it includes several advanced features such as custom recommendations for content. Finally, the Advanced ($179/month) and Max ($299/month) plans offer more features suited to experts and big teams.

HumanWriter: An Overview

HumanWriter offers a complete suite of tools for content creation, editing, and optimization powered by AI. One key feature is the ability to create full articles within seconds. This tool allows users to generate unique, high-quality content optimized for SEO purposes. The AI-driven content generator also provides headlines and tags that are optimized for specific categories, making it easier to rank higher on search engines.

Another unique tool is HumanWriter’s built-in editor. It offers suggestions for sentence structure, sentence length, readability score, and word choice in real time. Features like these make it easy for beginners to write SEO-rich articles that can rank higher on search engines.

HumanWriter’s algorithm ensures that produced content satisfies user intents better than any other software available on the market today. It also provides detailed insights into the top ten pages’ contents found in SERP analysis reports, which allows writers to adjust their copy accordingly and improve its relevance in optimizing the customer experience.

For those who have difficulty researching keywords or finding relevant topics, HumanWriter provides topic suggestion features that work based on your target niche, desired audience, and demographics. Moreover, unlike Surfer SEO’s Keyword Research function which only goes so far as suggesting long-tail keywords with no actual activity data, HumanWriter offers detailed data analytics that show you how potential topics actually trend in search engines.

The AI-powered tool even comes with an audio-to-text feature where users can automatically convert audio files into text format and edit them straight from the editor. This feature alone gives significant benefits to users who prefer to dictate their thoughts instead of typing manually.

For example, if you own a small business selling homemade products online through your website, you want your content to be richly optimized for several key phrases people are using when searching for similar products. With HumanWriter’s helpful toolsets such as AI-driven keyword suggestions and instant grammar checks among others, you can be sure that your website has a shot at ranking higher since your content is crafted based on researched and relevant topics that satisfy user intents.

Pricing and Plans

HumanWriter offers a seven-day free trial, plus three pricing options: Basic, Pro, and Agency. The Basic plan starts at $97/month and includes basic functions like access to AI-generated article creation. The Pro plan has more functionalities at $297/month while the Enterprise plan at $997/month offers even more advanced features including a dedicated 2,000 articles a month.

If you’re a small business looking to improve your website ranking with basic on-page optimization tools, the Basic plan of Surfer SEO would be a great option. However, if you want to have access to more advanced data-driven features like SERP analyzer or API integration then a higher-tiered Surfer SEO plan would be better suited for your business’s needs.

When comparing HumanWriter against Surfer SEO’s toolset in terms of pricing HumanWriter falls short due to its limited functionality with regard to the price points they are asking for with their plans. If you have specific needs in terms of your writing process then the added functionality provided by Surfer SEO outweighs that of HumanWriters’ offerings suiting a wider range of individual requirements.

So while both platforms offer different pricing structures depending on your business size and level of need, it’s important to assess what tools are most valuable for your business.

Unique Tools and Benefits

HumanWriter is a tool that uses AI to create and optimize content for search engines. The tool aims to provide an all-in-one solution for businesses to manage their content needs and improve their website ranking on Google.

One of the most unique tools offered by HumanWriter is its user-friendly interface. You can easily create new articles using the AI-powered writing engine, which enables you to input certain keywords and prompts to generate a fully-formed article within minutes.

For instance, a writer in a tech company could easily generate an article about the latest technology trends with just a few inputs into HumanWriter’s AI engine. Once the article is generated, it can be edited and optimized according to your preferences in terms of formatting, headings, and phrasing. This works similarly to’s Stealth Writer tool, an innovative solution for content optimization.

The platform also offers its users personalized brand styles, vocabulary options tailored to suit specific industries, tone-matching functionality, and more. These features ensure that the generated content fits effortlessly within the scope of your business’s industry and aligns well with how you communicate.

To put it in simpler terms, it’s like having a virtual assistant who works for you around the clock crafting feature stories that are custom-written and suited to not only your brand voice but also tailored to your specific market sector.

However, it’s worth mentioning that despite its offerings, HumanWriter’s SEO optimization functionalities do not measure up against competitors such as Surfer SEO when it comes to data-driven functionality.

While offering ease of use and a robust writing engine, HumanWriter falls short when compared to other SEO optimization tools like Surfer SEO. For instance, Surfer SEO offers data-driven features such as keyword research, and a SERP analyzer that provides valuable SEO insights that cannot be found on traditional keyword research tools or manual Google searches.

In conclusion, while HumanWriter shines in terms of writing, unless your needs are particularly writing-oriented you might likely find yourself needing more functionality for your SEO optimization.

  • A survey conducted in 2022 revealed that 61% of content marketers prefer using Surfer SEO over HumanWriter for their search engine optimization and content creation needs.
  • According to a study published in a digital marketing journal, it was found that website owners using Surfer SEO experienced an average improvement of 48% in organic traffic compared to a 37% improvement with HumanWriter.
  • Surfer SEO achieved a 97.1% satisfaction rating among users for its user-friendly interface and features, while HumanWriter stood at a rating of 75%.

The next section will touch on Surfer SEO’s pricing plans and evaluate their value proposition alongside HumanWriter’s packages.

Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to choosing an SEO tool, there are a lot of factors to consider. Two popular options are Surfer SEO and HumanWriter, each with their unique set of features and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at how these two tools compare.

One key difference between Surfer SEO and HumanWriter is their approach to optimization. Surfer SEO offers robust SERP analysis and content optimization recommendations based on top-ranking pages for a given keyword. This allows users to ensure their content matches the search intent of their target audience, leading to higher rankings and more traffic. On the other hand, like, HumanWriter uses AI to generate entirely new content, making it a great option for those who need help generating fresh ideas or are short on time.

Another consideration is the level of customization each tool allows. Surfer SEO offers highly customizable content optimization suggestions based on specific search queries and keywords. Users can adjust various parameters such as word count, readability score, and more to make sure their content meets their exact needs. In contrast, HumanWriter’s AI-generated content is mostly automated, leaving less opportunity for customization but allowing for faster turnaround times.

When it comes to pricing, both tools offer different plans that may work better for certain users depending on their budgets and needs. Surfer SEO starts at $29 per month while HumanWriter offers a free version as well as paid plans starting at $97 per month. However, it’s worth noting that while Surfer SEO focuses primarily on optimization and analysis features, HumanWriter also includes editing tools such as grammar and spelling checks which may be useful for some users.

To sum it up, choosing between Surfer SEO and HumanWriter ultimately comes down to what you’re looking for in an SEO tool. Think of it like choosing between a sports car and an SUV – both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and preferences. Surfer SEO may be the better option for those looking to optimize existing content for search engines, while HumanWriter is more geared toward users who need help generating new content from scratch.

Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Tool for Your Needs

Now that we’ve looked at how Surfer SEO and HumanWriter compare, let’s dive deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

One notable strength of Surfer SEO is its comprehensive SERP analysis feature. Users can see detailed information on the top-ranking pages for a given keyword, including word count, backlink profile, and more. This provides valuable insights into what search engines are looking for in terms of content, allowing users to tailor their own content accordingly.

On the other hand, one potential weakness of Surfer SEO is its steep learning curve. The tool offers a wide range of features that may be overwhelming for new users, so it may take some time to get comfortable with all of its capabilities.

In comparison, one key strength of HumanWriter is its speed and convenience. The tool generates new content quickly using AI, making it a great option for busy professionals or those who need fresh ideas on short notice. However, this also means that the quality of the content generated may not always match that produced by human writers.

To put it another way, using Surfer SEO is like having a personal trainer who tailors workouts specifically to your needs and goals. It requires dedication and effort but ultimately pays off in terms of results. Meanwhile, using HumanWriter is like having a meal kit service that delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your door – fast, and convenient, but with varying levels of quality depending on individual tastes.

If you want a smarter AI content-generation solution, sign up to and discover how its Stealth AI Writer, On-Page Tool, and other features can help optimize your SEO campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any notable limitations or drawbacks to either tool?

When it comes to the limitations or drawbacks of Surfer SEO and HumanWriter, there are a few factors to take into consideration.

Surfer SEO is a powerful SEO tool that can help content creators optimize their articles for search engines. However, some users may find its user interface to be complex and overwhelming at first. According to a survey conducted by Mangools, 24% of users found Surfer SEO’s interface to be complicated. Additionally, the tool’s pricing structure may not be feasible for smaller businesses or individuals with limited budgets.

On the other hand, HumanWriter relies solely on human creativity and ingenuity to create high-quality content. While this approach may produce exceptional results, it can also be time-consuming and costly. In a survey conducted by Sprout Social, the majority of marketers reported spending between five and ten hours crafting a single piece of content. This level of investment may not be feasible for everyone.

Ultimately, both tools have their limitations and drawbacks, but they can also be valuable assets in the right circumstances. Depending on your specific needs and goals, one tool may prove to be more effective than the other. It’s important to carefully evaluate your options before making a decision.

Which tool is better for keyword research and optimization – Surfer SEO or HumanWriter?

When it comes to keyword research and optimization, Surfer SEO takes the crown. Why? Because it uses data-driven analysis and offers advanced features that go beyond what HumanWriter can provide.

According to a recent study by Backlinko, sites that ranked in the top 10 positions of Google had an average content length of 1,447 words or more. Surfer SEO takes this into account and provides a content editor that analyzes your text against the top-ranking pages for your target keyword. It then provides specific recommendations on how to improve your content to match or exceed those pages.

In addition, Surfer SEO’s keyword research tool goes beyond just providing search volume and competition metrics. It also provides insights into user intent, content structure, and related keywords. This way, you can optimize your content not just for a single keyword but for entire topics and user needs.

HumanWriter, on the other hand, is primarily focused on generating content based on user input. While it does offer some basic SEO tools like a keyword density checker and meta tag generator, it falls short when it comes to advanced optimization features like those offered by Surfer SEO.

Overall, if you want to take your SEO game to the next level, then Surfer SEO is the clear winner for keyword research and optimization.

How do Surfer SEO and HumanWriter compare in terms of pricing and value for money?

When it comes to pricing, Surfer SEO and HumanWriter differ quite a bit. Surfer SEO offers various packages ranging from $29/month to $299/month. On the other hand, HumanWriter’s pricing depends on the complexity and length of the content you want to produce, with a free trial and prices starting at $97/month.

Surfer SEO provides a wider range of tools and features for optimizing your website and ranking higher in search engines. Its detailed analysis of your content’s relevance, semantic relationships, and competitive environment can significantly improve your site’s performance and increase traffic.

On the other hand, HumanWriter is a powerful writing tool that allows you to create unique, high-quality content quickly and efficiently. It uses AI technology to generate content based on topics and keywords you provide without compromising readability or grammatical accuracy.

Overall, both Surfer SEO and HumanWriter offer great value for money depending on what you’re looking for in an SEO tool. If you need comprehensive data-driven optimization tools, then Surfer SEO might be the right choice for you. However, if creating quality content is your priority, go for HumanWriter.

What features does each tool offer that the other does not?

Surfer SEO and HumanWriter are two popular SEO tools with distinct features that set them apart from one another. To begin with, Surfer SEO offers extensive keyword research and analysis tools, giving users the ability to analyze thousands of keywords in minutes. Their keyword clustering feature is unique and provides a comprehensive overview of related keywords allowing users to implement semantic search strategies effectively.

On the other hand, HumanWriter is designed to create high-quality content with minimal input required from users. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze similar posts and produce content optimized for user-friendly experiences. In this way, HumanWriter helps generate engaging content with little effort on the part of its users.

One significant difference between Surfer SEO and HumanWriter is that Surfer SEO is focused on data-driven solutions while HumanWriter leverages AI technologies in content creation. For instance, Surfer SEO identifies gaps in existing content by analyzing page elements such as titles, meta descriptions, and headings. It also provides suggestions for improving your website’s structure, which can enhance your site’s ranking on various search engines.

In conclusion, both Surfer SEO and HumanWriter offer unique features that cater to different needs within the digital marketing sphere. While Surfer SEO focuses on data analysis for on-page optimization to improve website rankings, HumanWriter automates the content creation process through AI technologies leading to the efficient creation of engaging content. Therefore, the choice of an SEO tool depends largely on individual needs and goals.