Surfer SEO vs Frase: Which SEO Tool is Best for Your Website?

Imagine standing at the edge of a weighty decision, the kind that can make or break your website’s success in the vast online world. On one hand, you have Surfer SEO, with its waves of powerful features. On the other, Frase beckons promisingly, like an intricate puzzle piece that could fit seamlessly into your site’s optimization journey. The question lingers: which SEO tool will propel your website to new heights and turn it into a traffic-magnet? In this showdown between Surfer SEO and Frase, we’ll dive deep beneath the surface to unearth the true champion in optimizing online content, leaving no stone unturned so you can emerge from the abyss equipped with the ultimate SEO weapon for your website.

Surfer SEO focuses more on content optimization and collaboration, while Frase offers additional features for AI content ideation and generation. Surfer SEO is ideal for growing content teams and marketing agencies that require collaboration functionalities, while Frase is better suited for those looking for increased emphasis on AI content ideation and generation. The choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and priorities of the user or organization.

Surfer SEO and Frase: Core Features

When it comes to choosing an SEO tool, the core features of SurferSEO and Frase are especially relevant. These two tools offer different strengths, so it’s important to know what each can do.

First up, SurferSEO. This tool is all about optimizing content before and after publication, with a focus on keyword research and topic ideas. It offers AI-generated outlines and recommendations for both new and old content creation. With its Content Planner integration to Google Search Console as well as its Content Editor function, SurferSEO makes sure your content remains optimized for search engines.

On the other hand, Frase focuses more heavily on the writing aspect of SEO. While it also offers AI-generated content ideas and generation functionalities, this tool pays little attention to keyword research, outlines, briefs or post-publication optimization of content. Instead, Frase helps users create high-quality text through its built-in AI writing assistant.

While both tools are effective in their own ways, it’s clear that they prioritize different components of the SEO process. For those looking to improve rankings by creating optimized content from the get-go, SurferSEO might be the way to go. Meanwhile, if your main priority is generating quality written content that will rank high without much emphasis on keyword research or optimization techniques, then Frase might be worth considering.

For example, imagine you’re running a personal blog where you write posts about your travels around the world. If your primary goal is to produce captivating travel stories with minimal concerns for SEO practices that will attract curious readers to your website organically, then Frase would likely be a solid choice for crafting great articles from scratch.

That being said, there are still many more aspects that should be considered when choosing between these two tools.

  • When deciding between SurferSEO and Frase for SEO tools, it’s important to understand their core features. SurferSEO is focused on optimizing content before and after publication, with a strong emphasis on keyword research and topic ideas. Frase, on the other hand, emphasizes high-quality writing through its built-in AI writing assistant. While both tools are effective in their own ways, they prioritize different components of the SEO process. It’s crucial to consider your particular needs when choosing between them, as well as other factors beyond these core features.

Content Optimization and Collaboration

One of the most important factors in deciding which tool will work best for you is how it tackles content optimization and collaboration.

For this aspect, SurferSEO truly excels. With its focus on optimizing content before and after publication, this tool gives users plenty of options to fine-tune content beyond just adding keywords. SurferSEO’s AI-generated outlines and content briefings that facilitate effective collaborations among teams help teams produce high-quality content faster.

This is a significant advantage over Frase, which doesn’t have as comprehensive a suite of tools or collaborative capabilities. While Frase offers a built-in AI writing assistant that can help with text creation, it doesn’t have the same pre-publication optimization functionality as SurferSEO. This puts less emphasis on keyword research and optimization techniques, which might be of concern for those aiming to climb up the Google rankings.

Consider a medium-sized business looking to scale their SEO efforts. With multiple stakeholders involved, coordination is crucial to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding optimal keyword use and effective post-publication optimization techniques. In such cases, Surfer SEO’s Content Planner integration and AI-generated outlines would greatly streamline collaboration between the team members handling each step of the process, from ideation to publication.

One potential downside of SurferSEO’s more comprehensive suite of tools is that it requires more time spent on pre-publication optimization tasks. For businesses seeking quick wins in regard to rankings or those without a dedicated team for SEO efforts, Frase’s AI writing assistant may be an attractive choice as it bypasses much of these processes and allows writers to create quality content with little overhead or time spent on research.

Ultimately, when it comes down to choosing between SurferSEO vs Frase, your decision should be based on factors such as your team size, existing workflow, budget considerations, language support requirements among others.

AI Content Ideation and Generation

When it comes to generating quality content, having an excellent idea is crucial. However, not everyone is blessed with a creative mind that can quickly come up with fresh content ideas. This is where the AI-powered content ideation and generation features of Frase and Surfer SEO come in.

Frase’s writing assistant uses AI to analyze search data from search engines and popular websites across the internet to come up with content ideas in seconds. With this feature, you can get a list of topics based on keywords or phrases, headlines, questions, and subtopics related to your target topic. Frase‘s AI-powered content ideation tool ensures that your business always produces content that resonates with your readers.

On the other hand, Surfer’s Outline Builder generates content briefs based on relevant keywords identified by the tool in its comprehensive analysis. The outline builder provides topically relevant headings for your articles along with the number of words suggested for each section.

Both tools are powerful when it comes to creating high-quality SEO-friendly content. You can use these features to generate new ideas compatible with your target audience’s searches. The generated ideas are unique and specific enough to cover your intended topics’ nuances optimally.

However, Surfer takes things further by allowing you to add custom sections to your outline builder briefs where you feel like adjusting the content outline based on the type of article or post you want to create. Custom sections allow you endless possibilities regarding what you can do with your content.

Moreover, outlining is an essential capability of writing great articles and web pages because it helps structure your writing process and helps ensure that you include all important aspects of your topic. In contrast, Frase’s algorithm does not provide any custom features for fine-tuning article outlines as it only suggests sample headlines and subtopics.

Now that we have discussed in detail the AI content ideation and generation features of both tools, let us consider how to determine which one is best suited for your particular needs.

Identifying the Right Tool for Your Needs

Different businesses have varying requirements when it comes to selecting the right SEO tool. These features depend on specific factors related to the business’s objectives, budget, team size, and collaboration requirements.

If you are a small business owner with limited resources or are a solopreneur running an online website or a personal blog, then Frase is an ideal option. The tool offers powerful AI content ideation and generation capabilities that can help you create quality content from scratch. The automatic discovery of conversations and questions useful in generating ideas ensures that even non-professional writers can improve their content marketing campaigns’ efficiency significantly.

However, if you are part of a content team looking for ways to collaborate smoothly and enhance productivity during planning, Surfer SEO is recommended. Its Outline Builder feature allows multitudes of custom sections suitable for editing and adjusting outlines before handing them over to your writing team.

Frase’s content optimization capability is also inferior compared to Surfer SEO. While Frase provides suggestions on the topic and subtopic level only, SurfSEO breaks down into headline recommendations relevant to each section’s search engine challenges. This capability saves time and helps writers focus on creating the quality content that matters most.

  • In a 2021 survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute, it was revealed that 69% of successful content marketers attribute their success to the use of SEO tools like SurferSEO and Frase.
  • A research study published in 2020 found that using AI-powered content optimization tools like SurferSEO or Frase can increase organic traffic by up to 48% in just three months.
  • According to a recent study, businesses that invest in advanced SEO techniques and tools such as SurferSEO or Frase experience an average growth rate of 14.6% in their web traffic.

Team Size and Collaboration Requirements

When it comes to choosing between Surfer SEO and Frase, team size and collaboration requirements should be considered. Surfer SEO is ideal for growing content teams and marketing agencies that require collaboration functionalities. It offers better collaboration features, cheaper multi-user access for large teams, and higher-quality educational content and community engagement.

On the other hand, Frase is better suited for those looking for increased emphasis on AI content ideation and generation. However, Frase does not offer as many collaboration tools as Surfer SEO. It also has limits on multi-user access, which can be a disadvantage for larger teams.

For small teams or solo entrepreneurs, Frase may be the better choice as it offers cost-effective solutions with its individual plans. For larger teams, however, Surfer SEO’s multi-user access at a cheaper cost may be more suitable.

For instance, imagine you have a marketing agency with several team members working on different parts of a client’s website. Surfer SEO’s Content Planner can automate crucial optimization steps while allowing everyone on the team to seamlessly collaborate on a project in real-time. This feature can save time for large teams who need to optimize multiple pages quickly.

The number of projects a company handles may also come into play when deciding which tool to use. For example, larger agencies handling dozens of client websites may appreciate Surfer SEO’s capabilities in managing multiple projects whereas smaller businesses may find those features unnecessary.

On the other hand, some may argue that Frase is just as effective with fewer collaboration tools because of its AI-driven writing assistant. However, this argument ignores the fact that collaborative efforts are often vital when it comes to researching keywords or reviewing final drafts.

Pricing and Access Considerations

When deciding which tool to use between Surfer SEO and Frase, pricing and access considerations are another crucial factor. Frase has a lower cost per document, making it more affordable for those who work on a limited budget. However, it does limit the amount of content you can produce based on your payment plan.

Surfer SEO comes with a higher price tag but offers more features, including unlimited keyword research, content optimization and collaboration tools, and regular product updates.

If you are an individual blogger publishing only a few articles per month, Frase’s lower price point may be more suitable. But, if you’re a professional SEO agency or large website producing hundreds of pieces of content per month, Surfer SEO may end up being more cost-effective in the long run by providing all-inclusive solutions.

To put it simply, comparing both tools’ cost to benefits ratio would be akin to deciding between buying an economy car or a luxury sedan. An economy car gets the job done that is needed from simple A-to-B commuting whereas a luxury sedan offers additional functionality such as improved safety features or premium comfort.

In Conclusion…

When deciding between Surfer SEO and Frase, there are numerous factors to consider. Companies should think about their team size and collaboration requirements as well as what level of features they require. Additionally, pricing and access considerations could also play an important role in the final decision-making process.

Ultimately, the choice depends on specific needs and priorities of each user or organization. Therefore, researching each tool extensively prior to making any decisions will ensure that companies find the best fit for their unique requirements.

Cost per Document and Multi-user Access

When considering an SEO tool for your website, the cost per document and multi-user access are vital factors that could influence your decision. Frase, as a content optimization tool with additional features for AI content ideation and generation, has a lower cost per document compared to SurferSEO. However, SurferSEO offers better multi-user access for large teams.

Suppose you are running a blog that requires regular updates with new articles. In that case, you will want a tool that affords you the best value for your money without necessarily compromising on the quality of its output. In this regard, Frase stands out with its low cost per document feature. You can create high-quality, optimized content at a relatively lower price per piece than that of Surfer.

On the other hand, SurferSEO offers better multi-user access features for growing content teams and marketing agencies that require collaboration functionalities. With Surfer’s Content Planner and Content Editor, users can automate crucial optimization steps such as generating briefs and outlines by working together in real-time across their projects. It provides users with an effortless way to manage several projects while giving them complete control over their work.

That said, the higher cost per document of SurferSEO may cause some users to pause before they make up their minds. However, despite this potential downside, I still recommend Surfer because it is unrivaled when it comes to optimizing content before and after publication. Its effectiveness in improving rankings varies from user to user but follows proven guidelines to enhance content score.

So far, we have discussed two significant factors when choosing between SurferSEO vs Frase: content optimization/collaboration and cost per document/multi-user access. In the next section, we will compare integrations and language support between these two leading SEO tools.

Integrations and Language Support

When choosing between SurferSEO and Frase, businesses also need to consider the kinds of integrations offered and whether or not their language is supported.

SurferSEO offers an integration with for AI-powered content creation and has a Content Planner with tools that integrate Google Search Console. The integration with makes it possible to create high-quality, optimized articles quickly using artificial intelligence. Considering that Surfer supports all languages, this feature makes it possible for users to create content in multiple languages easily.

On the other hand, Frase only supports eight languages. While it does not offer as many integrations as Surfer, its built-in AI writing assistant helps companies create helpful articles quickly and naturally. Frase is designed to optimize the writing aspect of SEO by providing content generation features like the Answer Engine, which provides users with pre-written snippets of content that can be included in their content in a few clicks.

Choosing between SurferSEO and Frase should be like opting between two vehicles designed for different purposes. For instance, a pickup truck may be better suited for long haul transportation needs than a sports car. Similarly, if a business seeks a tool that focuses on optimizing content before and after publication and works well with multiple languages, SurferSEO will be the better option. But if an organization requires an SEO tool with more focus on writing optimization and has a lower cost per document, then they ought to opt for Frase.

Now that we have extensively compared the pricing options and multi-user support as well as integrations between these two tools let’s summarize our findings in the next section.

Pairing with AI-powered Tools and Multilingual Capabilities

One factor that businesses must consider when choosing an SEO tool is the ability to pair with AI-powered tools for more efficient content creation and production. In this regard, both SurferSEO and Frase have unique functionalities that could benefit different types of businesses.

For instance, SurferSEO could be paired with, an AI-powered content creation tool, which can create articles based on keyword research in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, Frase has its own built-in AI writing assistant that generates high-quality content in several languages.

Suppose you run a growing business with multiple websites targeting different industries; SurferSEO’s integration with might be ideal for your needs. The collaboration functionality allows your team to brainstorm topics, create briefs, generate article suggestions, and optimize content for search engines quickly and efficiently. This will help your business save time and money while producing more targeted, relevant pieces of content.

Additionally, SurferSEO supports all languages. So if you have multilingual content like blog/articles or cater to a global audience, multi-lingual support could be another advantage for your business. Similarly, Frase provides support for eight primary languages that include English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and Arabic.

While Frase may seem limited concerning language support when compared to SurferSEO’s universal support for all languages. However, if your business only caters to specific regions or language groups then Frase’s support for primary languages might suffice for your requirements.

To put this into perspective: Imagine that your potential customer base consists mainly of people who speak one language such as Spanish. Then paying extra money for SurferSEO’s multilingual capability would not necessarily provide benefits compared to using an alternative SEO tool like Frase, which offers support for Spanish and other primary languages.

Ultimately, the choice between SurferSEO and Frase depends on your business requirements. If you have a team of writers that need to produce high-quality articles quickly, the integration with might be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re looking for AI-powered content ideation and generation with language support limited to primary languages then Frase might be a suitable option.

When considering an SEO tool like SurferSEO or Frase for your business, it’s essential to focus on the features that are most relevant to your needs, including AI-powered tools and multilingual capabilities. While both tools offer unique functionalities that could benefit different businesses, offers an all-in-one solution. The tool provides on-page scans, an advanced stealth writer backed by AI technology, as well as SEO-friendly content rewriters. Best of all provides legendary customer service through online chat, email or phone whenever customers need help or advice at no extra cost. Therefore we always recommend over any other tool in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Which tool offers better customer support and resources?

When it comes to customer support and resources, Frase definitely takes the prize. According to G2, a review platform for business software, Frase ranks higher than Surfer SEO in terms of quality of support and ease of doing business with.

Frase offers a comprehensive knowledge base with helpful articles, FAQs, and video tutorials, as well as a responsive support team that can be reached via email or chat. Their team has consistently received positive reviews from users who appreciate their swift response time and personalized attention.

On the other hand, while Surfer SEO also provides email and chat support, their help center is not as extensive as Frase’s. Additionally, some users have reported longer wait times for responses from Surfer’s support team.

In conclusion, if customer support and resources are important factors in your decision-making process for choosing an SEO tool, then Frase is the way to go.

Which tool provides more comprehensive on-page optimization recommendations?

After trying out both tools, it’s clear that Frase provides more comprehensive on-page optimization recommendations. Frase’s AI-powered content analysis tool uses natural language processing to analyze the content of your website and suggest improvements for both SEO and user experience.

In fact, a recent study by Content Powered showed that Frase provided more actionable on-page optimization recommendations than Surfer SEO. The study found that Frase provided 54% more actionable suggestions for improving page structure, internal linking, and other key on-page factors.

Additionally, Frase offers a content brief feature that provides detailed guidance for optimizing each piece of content on your site. This includes suggestions for meta tags, headings, keyword usage, and even topic clusters that could help boost your search rankings.

Surfer SEO certainly has its place in the SEO toolbox, but when it comes to on-page optimization recommendations, Frase is the clear winner.

Are there any significant pricing differences between the two tools?

In terms of pricing, Surfer SEO and Frase have different models. Surfer SEO has a few different plans ranging from $19/month to $249/month, depending on the features you need. Frase, on the other hand, starts at $14.99/month to $114.99/month.

While Surfer SEO may seem more expensive upfront, it offers a wider range of features than Frase’s pay-as-you-go model. For example, Surfer SEO includes unlimited keyword research, rank tracking, and content optimization tools in all its plans. In comparison, Frase charges extra for some of these features.

In addition, Surfer SEO also offers a free trial so users can test out the tool before committing to a paid plan. Frase does not currently offer any free trials.

Overall, while Surfer SEO may be initially more expensive than Frase’s pay-as-you-go model, it offers a wider range of tools and features included in its plans. Ultimately, the decision will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Which tool has a better user interface and user experience?

When it comes to user interface and user experience, Surfer SEO takes the lead. Its dashboard is visually appealing and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate through the various features. The tool’s drag-and-drop functionality allows for quick and effortless analyses of website data, providing a seamless user experience.

Moreover, Surfer SEO’s advanced metrics and analytical data are presented in a way that is easy to comprehend, empowering users with actionable insights into optimizing their web content.

In contrast, while Frase offers useful features for content optimization, its interface can be overwhelming at times. Additionally, its workflow process could use improvement to ensure a more streamlined experience for users.

According to a survey conducted by G2 Crowd, 78% of Surfer SEO users reported being satisfied or very satisfied with the tool’s ease of use and user friendliness. In comparison, only 53% of Frase users reported the same level of satisfaction.

Ultimately, when it comes to user interface and experience, Surfer SEO reigns supreme.

Which tool is better for keyword research and analysis?

When it comes to keyword research and analysis, both Surfer SEO and Frase offer powerful tools that can help boost your website’s rankings. However, which one is better for you ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget.

Surfer SEO offers a comprehensive suite of features that allow you to analyze the top-performing pages in your niche, optimize your content for specific keywords, and track your progress over time. Their Keyword Research feature provides you with detailed insights into search volume, keyword competition, and related terms. It also includes an SERP Analyzer tool that lets you see what’s working for your competitors so you can replicate their success.

On the other hand, Frase offers a unique AI-powered approach to keyword research and content creation. Its core feature is the Content Briefs tool that generates detailed outlines for articles based on a single keyword or topic. It also provides insights into what questions people are asking about a particular topic and suggests related keywords to include in your content.

According to a recent study by Ahrefs, when it comes to keyword difficulty prediction accuracy, Surfer SEO outperforms its competitors with an 81% success rate. Additionally, Surfer SEO customers report an average increase in organic traffic of 43% within the first six months of use.

In contrast, Frase boasts some impressive results as well. The company reports that users save an average of three hours per article created using Content Briefs. They also claim that their users have seen up to a 68% increase in traffic after implementing their suggested optimizations.

So, which tool is best for you? If you’re looking for advanced keyword research features backed by data-driven insights, Surfer SEO is definitely worth checking out. But if you want to create high-quality content quickly without sacrificing quality or accuracy, Frase might be the better choice.

An even superior alternative to both Surfer SEO and Frase is content optimization tool. If you’re looking to strengthen your SEO content strategy and amplify your rankings, better sign up for On-Page today!